Each year, as we start Advent and the Christmas season (and similarly with the Easter season), I have those moments where I wonder what else can be said about these often-repeated stories about the life of our Lord? Then it appears (as it always does), that there is so much more to be said regarding His infinite, eternal and inexhaustible life. Malcolm Muggeridge put it this way:

In the exposition and portrayal of it, literally billions of words, oceans of paint, acres of canvas, mountains of stone and marble, have been expended, not to mention, in recent times, miles of film. Is there, then, anything left to say? I ask myself rather disconsolately, and decide that there is—not because of me, but because of him. The man and his story are inexhaustible, and continue to attract the minds and the imaginations of the pious and the impious, of believers and unbelievers, alike; mine among them.

—Malcolm Muggeridge, Jesus Rediscovered