Today I have the privilege of participating in celebrating the adoption of two children from China, as well as their baptism into Christ’s Church (another form of adoption). The biblical doctrine of adoption is the rescue of the hopeless and helpless into the refuge of a Christian family and a godly inheritance. J. I. Packer said: “Our understanding of Christianity cannot be better than our grasp of adoption.” Adoption has the power to change the destiny of a person and the power to change the world.

Due to their adoption, both my grandmothers were raised by Christian mothers. This dramatically changed their lives, my parents’ lives, my life, my children’s lives, and my grandchildren’s lives. Many more generations will reap the benefits. The ripple effect fans out into the world and will continue throughout eternity. God turned what appeared to be a tragedy into comedy; that’s what the gospel does.

When some boasted of their biological descent from Abraham, Jesus pointed out that He could turn stones into children of Abraham. Without taking anything away from the normal process of biological procreation, which is a great blessing, adoption has the power to trump biology because the covenant is the central thing; wherein faithful parents assume the responsibilities of loving and raising children to the glory of God.

We all have an interest in this subject, because, as children of God, we’re all adopted. If it weren’t for adoption we’d all be helpless orphans.