We use to rely only on our lusty imaginations. Now the airbrushed, Photoshoped images that surround us feed our fantasies about the perfect man or woman, glossing over the external and internal flaws of real people. It’s easy to imagine such a person, but the imagination blurs and covers the truth. If you had to live with that person you would soon discover the very real flaws; external and internal. The old clichés, “All that glitters is not gold,” and “Beauty is only skin deep,” capture the idea well. Hollywood is a meat grinder for the beautiful. The tragedy and the tears are present all along, lurking behind the scenes. Eventually, the imagined beauties might make it briefly to the covers of the magazines, tabloids and Internet just before the they disappear forever, only to be replaced by a new crop of illusive fantasies. Alternative realities are not real. Makeup might cover the flaws, but remember,  flaws sometimes hide beauty.